Bitzer launch new Speedline compressors

GERMANY – BITZER have announced that they will present their new Speedlite scroll compressors for mobile applications at Busworld from the 16th to the 21st of October.The company will unveil two new series of scroll compressors at the trade fair – the ELV21 and the ELV51.
One significant feature of the compressors is that the ELV21 and the ELV51 are significantly more compact and more lightweight than previous models while maintaining or even improving performance levels. Bitzer also claim that the new compressors offer outstanding efficiency and versatility due to their modern aluminium design and combination of scroll spiral, electric motor and frequency inverter. The company proudly boast that this is the first time all three of these components have been brought together in one compact system.
Bitzer further suggest that the new scroll compressors are just as powerful as their predecessors but much quieter, with less vibration and more compact. In comparison with previous series, the ELV21 is eight kilograms lighter and 17 centimetres shorter than the ECH209Y, while the ELV51 weighs just 20 kilograms and is ten centimetres shorter than the EL7 series. The company hopes that these dimensions will help open up options for completely new applications. Bitzer are confident that the ELV21 can be used in compact air conditioning systems in construction and agricultural machinery as well as in camper vans, while the ELV21, with its low height, is suited for roof-mounted and frontal systems.
The company also revealed that the Speedlite compressors remain very powerful despite their compact design, The ELV21 is currently available in two flow rates, having a cooling capacity from 0.9 kW to 3.5 kW (ELV2109) or from 0.9 to 5.5 kW (ELV2113). The larger model ELV51, meanwhile, achieves a cooling capacity of between 7.5 kW and 27 kW.
“An electrically operated scroll compressor with a frequency inverter enables a completely new system design with compact dimensions, a low amount of refrigerant and increased system efficiency” declared the Chief Technology Officer at BITZER, Rainer Große-Kracht. “In light of the trend towards the electrification and hybridisation of drive technology in buses, this market has great potential. With the SPEEDLITE compressors BITZER is one of the most innovative providers and is in an excellent position. As we see it, this type of scroll technology will take up a significant share of the market in mobile, electrical air conditioning applications.”
Another feature of the compressors which should prove popular is the integrated frequency inverter in the ELV21 and ELV51 which allows the cooling capacity to be smoothly controlled over a large speed range from 2,000 to 9,000 rpm.
“That makes it possible to ideally match the capacity to the requirements of the system concerned” continued Mr Große-Kracht. “And the cherry on top is that the choice of refrigerant for SPEEDLITE compressors is not limited to R134a.”
Bitzer further announced that they will also offer the scroll compressors for the refrigerants R407C, R404A, R410A and R290 on request. Their modular design, the flexible Rotalock and brazed connections as well as several fixing points, should mean that both series of compressors can be exploited for a variety of applications, including for use in heat pumps down to an evaporation temperature of -18°C. The Speedlite scroll compressors also come available in different versions for several voltages and are equipped with an EC motor so that they are suitable for use with the widest range of applications.