New hybrid heating device launched

POLAND – The Polish Company Sunex has designed a new hybrid heating device. The hybrid system collects heat from solar collectors and heat pumps, and this energy is later redistributed for home heating and domestic hot water.
The system comprises heating and ¬solar pumps, mixing valves, a safety group and an expansion vessel among other things. The tank-in-tank storage has a volume of 600 litres – 150 litres of this volume is used as hot domestic water tank. Furthermore, the device has been equipped with an ¬electronic control panel.
The air sourced heat pump used in the system is the Nexus, which is also produced by Sunex. The pump has a power range of 9 to 14 kW and is built using a monoblock structure. The Nexus also comes equipped with a compressor made by Copeland and a controller and a Siemens electronic expansion valve. According to data provided by Sunex the COP is 4.15. The Nexus pumps conform to the EN 14511 and EN 14825 energy standards, as confirmed by an independent laboratory of the INTA group.