Daikin launches R32 air conditioners in Sweden

SWEDEN – DAIKIN Sweden officially launched its air conditioning equipment Ururu Sarara with low-power consumption using refrigerant R32.

The air conditioning equipment Ururu Sarara from Daikin is a reversible air conditioner using the refrigerant R32. It provides dehumidification of indoor air through a cooling mode, and humidification by heating mode. This type of air conditioner is already available in the countries of the Far East, India and Australia as well as in some European countries since the end of 2013. This product will be released gradually in other European countries .The launch in the UK is planned for next year.

The performance of the air conditioners is expressed by the SEER and SCOP. Both indices are calculated at nominal power and represent the weighted average yields. R32 units reach a high SEER up to 9.54 (A +++) in cooling mode and SCOP 5.9 in heating mode.

This allows the air conditioners to be rated among the most economical equipment concerning power consumption on the market of air conditioning equipment. The contribution of R32 units to the greenhouse effect is expressed by a GWP (Global Warming Power). Its GWP is 675, a low figure and therefore a good performance compared to that of R410A displaying a GWP of 2,088. The refrigerant has unique components that don’t harm the transformation. The use of the humidification requires no water tank. This action is obtained by the condensation of moisture from the air by the outdoor unit conducting moisture to the indoor units. This equipment is very easy to recycle.