New Display is a Supermarket Chiller Revolution

EPTA, through its brand Bonnet Névé, has revolutionised the experience of the supermarket with his new concept REV-UP. REV-UP aims to facilitate consumer shopping and develop retail sales. It carries the slogan “Power UP your store” and is based on four fundamental principals: experience, efficiency, excellence, and ensuring the development of the most enjoyable shopping experience for buyers.

The first born of this technology was proudly previewed at the Euroshop lounge. This is a vertical cabinet in Bonnet, made with innovative materials, with a futuristic aesthetic Janus label, as well as LED lighting to dazzle consumers. Named SkyView, this product is a pioneer of eco-design in the sector of supermarket cabinet refrigeration.

Resulting from more than a century of work and the experience of Bonnet group, the SkyView represents a revolution in the refrigeration store market. Consisting mainly of glass, with bottom and top doors, the opening roof increases product exposure by 8% compared to conventional refrigeration furniture. The SkyView offers the best views of the products that are presented – comparable with panoramic views. It also has comfortable aluminium handles for use, thus facilitating the action of the consumer. Certified by Eurovent, this unit offers ergonomics and efficiency never equalled, offering the best protection against condensation and ensuring refrigeration worthy of a cold room. This makes it the most economical refrigeration cabinet of the moment according to manufacturer’s claims.

Dividable into several sections, this all-new refrigeration cabinet can accommodate all types of food products; ranging from fresh produce to frozen products through meat products, which guarantees freshness and preservation. It also has several defrost modes: natural or electric.

The SkyView benefits, in addition to its Eurovent certification, its innovative materials, and its completely remodelled aerodynamic design, are not only the best means of in-store refrigeration but also the most economical from an energy point of view. The manufacturer indicates energy savings of 11% compared to their competitor´s traditional closed units or 62% for open furniture.