Legrand introduce their switch of the future

FRANCE – provides Legrand with the opportunity to present its new avant-garde concept of electrical control, Flocoon Pixel. Taking its cue from concept cars, Flocoon Pixel explores and foreshadows a possible evolution in the switches of tomorrow. Legrand are showcasing a novel and innovative form and concept of controls that will create a new relationship between habitat and man in a presentation entitled “When controls become interactive and connected”

Faithful to the experimental Flocoon design, a prizewinner in 2014 at the digital festival “Futur en Seine” Legrand Design teams continue to explore the evolution of equipment controls. Prioritizing ease of use rather than the product, Flocoon broke the codes of traditional equipment by creating a close relationship between the user and the control.

Inspired by connected objects, Flocoon Pixel goes even further: Design Legrand’s intention is to explore smart and intuitive management control based on interaction and fusion between function and task completion. It is the user who, in a totally avant-garde fashion, will be able to play and compose his own control using simple instinctive gestures.

To give life to the Flocoon Pixel concept, Legrand Design experimented by using pentagon shapes. As a basic unit, the pixel can be associated with other pixels, thereby creating infinite combinations. The user becomes an actor and designs their own personal interface, both aesthetically and functionally. They can, for example, combine the “dimmer” pixel to the “presence sensor” pixel creating, in an intuitive and fun way, additional functions.

As part of their presentation, Legrand is offering visitors the chance to experiment at its stand by playing around with some of the leading features of the Flocoon Pixel concept based on light switches. Visitors are invited to control light by touching, moving and creating via three simple experiments:

In the first experiment, the visitor is challenged to vary the light by only flicking a pixel or by a simple gesture.

For the second experiment, the user will get to experience the thrill of interacting with the control, such as combining the color change lighting and control, or by accessing other functions through apps.

And finally, in the third experiment, the user will experience an immersive experience in twilight and can, using only their fingertips, make light appear and make it live and move via the Space Light Manager.

These experiments are designed to show that light control has almost become a game which is the precursor of the electrical controls of tomorrow. The Flocoon Pixel is a fun concept as well as being a mobile object and decoration which recharges by induction. The Saint Etienne International Design Biennial 2015 runs from the 12th of March to the 12th of April 2015.