Bitzer launch Ecodesign-ready condensing units

WORLD – The German company Bitzer, a specialist in compressors, have unveiled the new LHV7E condensing unit which the company consider to be at the cutting-edge of condensing unit technology. The low noise, energy-efficient device has been designed to meet the requirements of the 2016 EU Ecodesign Directive. After conducting current field tests Bitzer have declared that the condensing unit has proven itself to be reliable and safe.

The company are confident that their new Ecostar LHV7E air cooled condensing unit conforms with all EU Directives and will guarantee users high energy efficiency, which is an attractive selling point at a time of rising energy prices. Bitzer also claim that the condensing unit is a low-maintenance and user-friendly device featuring low noise operation and simple installation.
The condensing unit has been designed specifically to conform to new specifications required under the F-gas Regulation and the 2016 EU Ecodesign Directive. The company declared that the noise level and energy consumption of the condensing unit would be significantly reduced by the integrated EC fan. Users will be able to adjust the speed of the fans and the Ecoline varispeed compressor via its optimised control which should guarantee more energy-efficient operation. The LHV7E’s mini-channel condenser has also improved the eco-efficiency of the new device compared to older Ecostar models as the new unit requires a lower refrigerant charge while also offering higher heat exchange.

Bitzer further claim that the LHV7E is much quieter than previous models since its low noise EC fans provide sound-optimised airflow and the compressor itself is located within sound-damping housing. For a normal cooling load, the system can be used in both ECO and low-sound modes.

The Ecostar LHV7E has undergone extensive field tests with a Varispeed compressor, including being tested using the new refrigerant injection (RI) and R407F, and the company are satisfied with its performance, particularly in low temperature applications, due in large part to its stable operation which delivers acceptable discharge gas temperatures even in high ambient temperatures. The company hope that the Lodam controller with newly integrated Bluetooth technology will be an attractive feature for prospective customers as the controller should help ensure that the Ecostar LHV7E is technician-friendly and can be operated at a safe distance of 30 metres.

The Ecostar LHV7E should also prove to be more user-friendly than its predecessors since the condensing unit can be controlled and serviced remotely via an Ethernet connection for networks or the internet while Modbus RTU and Bluetooth access is guaranteed using Bitzer’s BEST software. The unit also features a display screen which is integrated within the controller housing and offers optimised menu access, while opting for the BEST software or an optional retrofit display will provide users with full access to all menu options.

Another new feature that the company hope will prove attractive to customers is that up to four condensing units can now be linked together via the Modbus. Linking the condensing units results in the formation of a control network which, in optimised interaction, ensures that the temperature of a cold store can be controlled without having to be connected in the refrigerant circuit.

The LHV7E’s control electronics are fully wired in the factory before shipment, thus ensuring that the condensing units are ready for operation, which facilitates rapid installation of the units on-site. The maintenance of the appliance has also been improved as the new design allows easy access to the important components as each of the two casing parts can be opened with a captive screw. The terminal box, the filter drier, the sight glasses and the oil separator are all easily accessible from the outside.
There are six different models of the Ecostar LHV7E available, four of which offer a capacity of up to 42 kW (0/32/20@R134a). Depending on the model, the condensing unit is compatible with the refrigerants R134a, R404A, R507A, R407A, R407C and R407F, which increases the number of possible applications for this condensing unit. The condensing unit also fits into smaller engine rooms due to its compact design, while its robust housing makes the unit equally suitable for outdoor use. The unit’s integrated winter start feature means that the compressor can be started even in winter when the ambient temperature falls below the saturated suction temperature.

The Bitzer LHV7E condensing unit comes with an integrated frequency inverter and filter drier as standard features while optional features available include an oil separator with check valve, oil monitoring and an additional check valve for installation in low ambient temperatures.