UNITED STATES: Torad, an air conditioning compressor and refrigeration trading company, says its latest invention dated is breaking new level of compressors efficiency on the market!

The International Week Conference on compressor Engineering organized at the University of Purdue was the right moment for the Torad Director of Operations, Joe Orosz, to unveil the latest performance characteristics of the prototype of the sixth generation compressor coils of his company. According to him, “performance characteristics, which mean, the low cost of production and manufacturing capital, transform the compressor coil in a great concentration refrigeration platform, through its wide range of capabilities and applications.”

According to Greg Kemp, its executive director, “empirical data and numerical modeling indicated that the compressor” spool “has significant advantages over the reach of the average capacity of the roller and the small extent of the power of the propeller”.  The coil consists of only four parts which highlights quite well its light weight and ease of fabrication. Unlike other compressors, rollers and propellers that require complex geometric structures, these pieces are easy to handle with huge advantages, especially in terms of capacity density.

However, when it is condensed to a high density as the displacement rotary compressors, it tends to reduce the friction of the tip and the last wing surfaces. With two cycles of compression by rotation, the balance is positively acceptable. The engineering of Torad think this is the sixth generation of compressor coil which was most effective with its 80% of EER achieved. Joe Orosz also added the fact that he has been working in the compressor industry for thirty years now and his experience in the manufacture of these has been very beneficial. He did not hide his immense joy regarding this new find of the company.