Heatcraft unveil remote refrigeration control

Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration, a leading provider of commercial and industrial refrigeration components, systems and service solutions, is announcing the release of the Mohave Remote Refrigeration Control (RRC), an innovative internet-based control system that allows end-users to manage their refrigeration systems using any web browser, from anywhere in the world. Round the clock remote monitoring capabilities allow end-users to control box temperatures, change configuration parameters and receive alarm notifications if any system issues occur, all from the convenience of an internet connection. A wireless mesh network provides increased reliability and significantly reduces installation time.

“The Mohave Remote Refrigeration Control system enables owners/operators and maintenance engineers in large cold storage and processing facilities to improve refrigeration space efficiency by remotely addressing issues that may have traditionally required a service call,” said Russ Jones, Product Manager, for Heatcraft. “End-users will quickly benefit from the convenience of logging in from anywhere and, with immediate system access, they will be able to detect issues before they become a problem.”

The Mohave RRC can process input parameters and monitor output activities for multiple Mohave Hot Gas systems. This web-based system allows for continuous monitoring and is also capable of sending commands directly to multiple Mohave Hot Gas units. The remote troubleshooting functionality allows for quick and accurate system diagnoses and corrective action planning, which could result in more efficient resource allocation and decreased administrative costs. By eliminating the need for wiring between electronic devices, Heatcraft has reduced installation time, resulting in lower start-up costs.

“We are on the leading edge of controls innovation,” stated Sophia Bellos, Director of Marketing for Heatcraft. “The Mohave RRC is just one of the many control solutions offered by Heatcraft and is a part of our strategy to continue to deliver value-added products and services to our end-users. We have utilized the newest technologies to innovate a complete portfolio of refrigeration controls that enhance commercial refrigeration performance for a wide range of applications, from cold storage to foodservice.”

The Heatcraft Mohave Remote Refrigeration Control system is available for new and existing Mohave Hot Gas systems.