DuPont seeks a new refrigerant mixture with a GWP down from his famous R404A! It seems that the reign of DuPont R404A is coming to end. Indeed, this refrigerant for long prioritized by the company is about to be abandoned because of the strong presence of GWP almost a level of 3943. This means that the low discharge temperature of the compressor is no longer enough to fit in the new challenges of refrigeration.

Among the options considered, it is actually found low attendance of GWP, but the advantage offered by the R404A in compressor discharge temperature remains unique, that is to say, we cannot find it among new options. This means that the compressor discharge temperatures are clearly rising. However, these options involve mixtures of HFCs and heavy fuel oils. So, we have to compensate it with a cooling system compressor.

Such a mixture is reminiscent of DR33 Company, also called R449A, whose GWP is 1282 and still meets the standards of temperature R404A used in refrigerated transport. The solution was now found with a new refrigerant named R452A, or also called XP44 DR34 combining performance both in terms of low R404A compressor discharge and the cooling of the compressor that is therefore facilitated.

With this new refrigerant, GWP is 2140, which is still far from being considered low, but still represents remarkable progress in lowering GWP compared to R404A. Moreover, the performance of R452A is even more remarkable than that of R404A. The next step is to conduct further tests of thermo-dynamism and its adaptation to other types of compressors, which should be positive.