Lennox launches ComfortSense Thermostat

USA – The Texas-based residential and commercial heating and air conditioning systems company Lennox Commercial have added a new commercial control to its range of thermostats. The company claim that the ComfortSense3000 is a robust, entry-level programmable commercial thermostat which is compatible with almost all rooftop units or split systems.

“The ComfortSense 3000 was developed based on the need for a more affordable thermostat,” declared Farhad Abrishamkar, product manager, Lennox Commercial. “It is feature-rich and comes at a competitive price point. It was designed specifically for commercial applications where robust functionality is needed, but premium features are not.”

Some of the features of the ComfortSense 3000 are large buttons and a large display screen, intuitive and advanced electronics and precise temperature control, making the new model more user-friendly than previous lines .

“This thermostat carries all the robustness and simplicity of the residential ComfortSense 3000 family with the addition of key features for commercial applications that provide a unique solution for our customers,” concluded Abrishamkar.