Climaveneta unveil new water-based chiller

ITALY – The Italian-based company Climaveneta have today announced that they are launching a new range of water-based chillers, the TX-W range. The company claims that the TX-W is designed to overcome the limits of traditional design and matches a distinctive new look with an extremely versatile configuration.

Climaveneta have stated that the new unit is capable of hosting between 1 and 6 centrifugal oil-free compressors plus 6 new couples of heat exchangers which can be flexibly deployed either with a horizontal or diagonal layout, depending on the requirements of the HVAC plant in terms of space availability.

The company boast that the result is a complete range of 63 possible combinations which should provide customers with even greater freedom of choice, both for low condensing temperature applications and in systems working with dry-coolers at higher temperatures. As the exiting water temperature varies up to 20°C, Climaveneta believe that the TX-W is the best solution for mission-critical applications and industrial processes.