Recognized professional in heat pumps manufacturing DAIKIN innovates with its hybrid heat pump Daikin Altherma. This unique hybrid PAC combines two technologies: a heat pump air/ water thermodynamic and gas condensing boiler heat. Both thermal techniques ensure personal comfort by ensuring good energy savings and instant hot water through the boiler, while allowing him to fit the environmental conscious solutions.

The hybrid heat pump Daikin Altherma includes a hydraulic module and a gas module. The outdoor unit can be placed wherever you want and supports up to 30m of pipe. With this PAC, there are also pipes caches and a remote user.

As a hybrid, the new CAP Daikin has 3 different modes of operation: one for each of the technologies used alone up to 100% and the third for the main mode is mixed mode occurring when the heat pump can no longer assume the all thermal requirements. In this case, the boiler will be sought. Through its automatic regulation of the energy supplied to one or other of the two techniques, the system is smart: it automatically selects the required energy source and the most economical.
Compared to conventional heat pumps DAIKIN hybrid pump shows better thermal performance and greater respect for the environment with far fewer CO2 emissions, thus contributing to a significant reduction of the ecological footprint of homes.

In addition to being economical and environment respectful, the hybrid heat pump Daikin Altherma has several strengths that appeal to users: ease of installation and use, adapting to any space and its compatibility with the existing pipe making the fact easy to replace its old boiler by this hybrid. Water temperature from 25 ° C to 80 ° C allows the CAP DAIKIN hybrid suit any type of transmitter regardless of temperature. Which expands its use. The hybrid pump does not require any replacement of the heater installation.
Through this innovation Daikin intends to impose in terms of eco-responsible solutions meeting all standards and meeting the demands of the most demanding users with fast access to the highest point.