INDIA – The 17th edition of the Acrex trade fair took place from the 25th to the 27th February 2016 in Mumbai, India. The Acrex event, which features approximately 30,000 professional visitors and more than 500 exhibitors,  is one of the most important refrigeration and air conditioning trade fairs in the whole of Asia. As part of the fair, the organisers hosted the Acrex Award of Excellence 2016, which was awarded to Bitzer’s CSVH3 series this year.

The prize is awarded after deliberation by a special jury of experts in various categories – including ‘Green Products’. The jury revealed that the Bitzer compressor’s ESEER value of over six in typical operating conditions for air cooled liquid chillers for comfort air conditioning meant that the CSVH3 series was now an industry benchmark.

Bitzer claim that their CSVH37 compact screw compressor has a refrigerating capacity of 550 kW (+5/50°C) and a displacement of up to 960 m3/h, while the larger CSVH38 has a refrigerating capacity of 660 kW (+5/50°C) and a displacement of up to 1,156 m3/h. The company also revealed that, like the smaller CSVH2 series, the CSVH3 monitors its own application limits so that, if a value exceeds the set parameters, a warning message is produced with the option of adjusting the performance and operating parameters. Another feature of this system is that the compressor only switches off after the maximum values have been exceeded for a longer period of time.