Bitzer showcase products in India

INDIA – Bitzer, the German-based compressor specialist, last week showcased some of their products in Bombay as part of the company’s ongoing drive to increase their presence in the Indian market. The company was particularly keen to highlight their cooling and refrigeration solutions as India is the largest milk producer and the second largest producer of fruit and vegetables in the world.

Consequently, Bitzer unveiled their compact, semi-hermetic 4-cylinder reciprocating compressor from their Ecoline series to the Indian market. The company claim that their compressor, which is designed for operation between 25 and 70 Hz and matches a high cooling capacity with minimum power requirements, can be combined with any frequency inverter, providing users with infinite adjustment for the cooling capacity in their system.

Bitzer also stated that their semi-hermetic Ecoline reciprocating compressors are compatible for use with almost all refrigerants, and run up to 12% more efficiently than their predvious models. The compressors feature two motor versions, with motor version 2 designed to act as a universal compressor for medium and low temperature applications, while motor version 1 intended for use with heat pumps and special applications. The company also disclosed that it recommended customers use R134a with motor version 2 as this was particularly efficient and robust for medium temperature applications in high ambient temperatures, while also resulting in a low carbon footprint.

The German-based company also revealed that they were providing greater local support to their customers in India by establishing four branches of their service and maintenance network Green Point. Bitzer stated that henceforth specialists would be available to repair and service compressors with high-grade original parts at the four Indian Green Point subsidiaries in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru. Additionally, the company will also ensure that training and consultations would be provided to all the company’s product users at these locations.