EUROPE – Caterpillar launches its new modular power plant. This new product is a complete independent system for quick and easy installation without the need for welding on the installation site. This power plant is installed in just 12 days.

In a statement, Caterpillar said the power plant fits entirely in a continuous or intermittent installation. It can provide rapid rise timed power if necessary. This equipment is intended for the use in the field of mining, heavy and light industry, electricity utilities and the oil and gas industry according to the same statement.

Each Caterpillar modular power plant can include up to six units, one by one installation of each unit. Each unit has a power rating up to 25.8 MW with an overall efficiency of 86% with natural gas operation.
Each module is activated using a Caterpillar generator CG260-16 that can produce up to 4.3 MW. This unit can be operated with natural gas or biogas. It is known that the Caterpillar modular power plants have a power ranging from 7.5 to 17,550 kVA. They are manufactured according to global standards to provide high performance and low fuel consumption, according to global emissions standards. These generators are available in several options to meet all energy needs. They are also easy to install.