A major player in the field of cooling, Trane wants to be increasingly at the forefront of technology to meet its customers and also ecologists. In this spirit of perfection, the company has developed a range of highly efficient water chiller, which, according to its designers, will certainly move the market of air conditioning. If you have already experienced the Trane technology, it integrated into its new chiller and other equipment, beyond what is currently available on the market. Trane is expanding its range of freezers in bringing to market three new types with a capacity ranging from 20 kW to 14,000 kW. These innovations also rely on 100% green technology by providing a freezer that turns 1233zd (E) with reduced GWP. Proud of its product and the benefits it will bring to its customers, the company decided to get closer to them. A European tour has been initiated to make users experience the new devices brought to their disposal. It’s named the Trane Acceleration Now European Tour. A truck with the Trane latest inventions will tour Europe. It features interactive learning materials for you to know everything about the company and its new products. The Trane Acceleration Now European Tour plans to go in 7 European countries with nearly 40 stops. The tour begins at Strasbourg in France, and will end on November 20 in the city of Cork in Ireland. Between France and Ireland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland and England will be Trane Acceleration Now European Tour destinations. Beyond the aim of promoting its message, the tour is also an opportunity to get closer to Trane customers to collect, through discussions, their needs and complaints.