MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC meets with the professionals

FRANCE – Christel Mollé, assistant marketing manager of Mitsubishi Electric, will be meeting with industry professionals over the next few months to discuss energy transition in tertiary dwellings and energy saving solutions on the market.

He will be using the opportunity to unveil the company´s new hydbid DRV and explain its benefits in the context of DRV and CO2 hybrid devices. This event will also be an opportunity that will allow the manufacturer to meet nearly 600 professionals, including installers, design offices, building owners, architects, developers and other industry players in buildings sector.

This meeting with professionals is in consideration of the changes in the regulatory environment. New F-Gas regulations come into force in Europe from 1 January 2015 and the introduction of these regulations will have an effect on equipment and installers. The hermetic sealing of new monoblock systems will be necessary while the use of compressor flange will be banned. Periodic inspections will evolve according to the amounts of fluid used in installations, and labelling changes will take effect from 1 January 2017 for heat pumps (PAC), air conditioning and refrigeration.

The Innovative Hybrid DRV

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC first launched products with 2 regenerative tubes air / air DRV in Europe during the 90s. Products have since evolved from 8 to 48 indoor units which can be connected to a single outdoor unit. As part of the entry into force of the regulation changes, the manufacturer has developed its range of VRF City Multi by launching the first hybrid model. This product offers the advantage of combining the refrigerant system with the outdoor unit and the distribution box and the hydraulic system with the indoor units. These water indoor equipment units can avoid traffic refrigerant in occupied spaces.

This hybrid VRF equipment can fit offices or public building (ERP) comfortably thanks to the performance of the DRV Inverter systems. This product should be marketed in France in the upcoming months. It will be available for sale with other models of outdoor units from 8 to 20 refrigerated CV.

CAP water / air CO2, with a COP of 4.1, is part of the list of new products MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC. This equipment providing a production of water at 65 ° C is for collective and tertiary residential buildings. DHW heating is more efficient with this product. The water temperature can be up to 90 ° C in thermodynamics. This heat pump is sealed and meets the requirements of the F-Gas regulations.