Alfa Laval release second quarter results

SWEDEN – Alfa Laval, the Swedish manufacturing and engineering company, have released their second quarter financial results for 2015. The company appear to be in rude financial health after the release of their latest figures which show impressive sales results particularly in a second quarter that they had anticipated would feature less demand for orders compared to the first quarter of the year.

“Net sales and result reached record levels for a second quarter. Compared to the corresponding periods last year they increased with 21 and 35 percent respectively to 10.2 and 1.8 billion SEK” declared Lars Renström, President and CEO of Alfa Laval.

The company stated that their net sales over the first six months of the year have increased by 17% compared to the equivalent period last year, totalling approximately £1430 million, while the company’s net income was around £144 million for the same period.

“Industrial Equipment did particularly well, benefitting from a seasonally stronger demand as well as from a large district heating order from China” Renström added.

The company also released their forecast for the third quarter of 2015, saying “We expect that demand during the third quarter 2015 will be on about the same level as in the second quarter.”