Aeonergie acquires Enerconcept

CANADA –AERONERGIE has bought Enerconcept, the Canadian solar air collector manufacturer. In early October, the Canadian solar air collector manufacturer Enerconcept became a subsidiary of the Canadian heating technology company AERONERGIE.

AERONERGIE was founded three years ago with the goal of identifying and developing the potential of energy savings in the regional industry which had not been fully exploited up to that point, according to a press release from the company, dating back to October 7, 2014. With the acquisition of Enerconcept, the company has significantly expanded its portfolio in the field of solar energy. “Following on from the integration of Enerconcept into the AERONERGIE group, a growing number of energy companies and public buildings will preheat their outside air through the use of solar energy,” announced the press release. In addition, the acquisition is expected to help double the turnover of the group over the next three years and at the same time increase the number of current employees from 30 to 50.

According to the company, there are now a number of large international projects in the planning stage, including bakeries, day care facilities, public buildings, paint shops and car washes in which the Enerconcept air solar collectors will be used. In addition, more than 25 schools will be equipped with solar facades over the coming year.

Enerconcept has worked in the solar air heating systems production field since 1998. The company’s solar air collectors, which include the polycarbonate Lubi, the Unitair metal facade system and the LG Luba used in roof mounting, are certified according to CSA (CANADA), SRCC (US) and are eligible for funding in GERMANY through the German Federal Office of Economics and export Control (BAFA). According to the former CEO of Enerconcept, Christian Vachon, the company name will be retained as a brand name as well as a division of the AERONERGIE group. Christian Vachon will himself be responsible for business development as well as research and development in the company.