Tesco keeps its cool in Poland

POLAND – British Supermarket giant Tesco has purchased 106 Carrier Transicold Vector 1950 MT (multi-temperature) units for use in its Polish stores. Poland is Tesco’s key Central European market, having 455 stores and more than 5 million customers coming through their doors every week. Following successful results with Tesco’s U.K. fleet, which has Carrier Transicold systems fitted to 1,477 trailers and 242 rigid trucks, Tesco has decided to equip its new vehicles with Vector 1950 MT refrigeration units, each mounted to Krone tri-axle trailers.
Tesco decided upon the 18,800-watt Vector 1950 MT as they provide the necessary flexibility required for transporting ambient, refrigerated and frozen goods at the same time on the same trailer. The Vector 1950 MT systems incorporate Carrier’s patented E-Drive™ electric technology, which is used to remove the mechanical transmissions found in conventional belt-driven refrigeration systems and to transform engine power into electricity through a generator.
“The Carrier Transicold Vector technology suits the needs of the business perfectly – the units are durable, reliable and easy to maintain,” Tesco stated in a press relese. “We put the first Vector 1950 systems into the Polish fleet in 2013 and the technology is performing well. Our drivers are very comfortable operating them, so the right choice was to go with Carrier for this repeat order. The trailers are on the road seven days a week, so maximising uptime is essential. Carrier’s units have not let us down in the past, and we are confident the latest additions to the fleet will perform just as well.”
The Vector 1950 MT condenser is built using innovative micro-channel condenser coils and is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the Vector 1850 MT, while providing even greater efficiency. The units also boast faster pull-down speeds, have a temperature accuracy of +/-0.3°C in each of the three trailer compartments, and are ideal for transporting larger loads over long distances.