Daikin and Business Edge Announce Joint Training

UK – Daikin UK and Business Edge, the specialist training providers, have announced that they are to work together to ensure installers are confident and competent when working with low carbon R32 refrigerant. The Business Edge training facilities, which have been used to carry out HVAC training courses for the last 25 years (including all categories of F-Gas qualification since 2009), are the first in the UK to provide engineers access to train on ten R32 split systems.
Subsequent to he introduction of the F-Gas regulations and the move towards using low carbon refrigerants such as R32, the demand and need for installer training is significantly increasing in the HVAC industry.

Since F-Gas certification now needs to be proven, for example, at wholesalers when purchasing HFC refrigerants and equipment, it has become a must to update and upgrade F-Gas certification for many installers, with engineers of all ages requiring a refresher course in their refrigerant knowledge.

In their drive in tandem with Business Edge to encourage engineers to continue their professional development, Daikin UK have supplied the ten Daikin FTXM R32 split heat pump systems now in use at the Business Edge training facilities, as well as training course material put together by Daikin UK’s Legislation Expert, Graham Wright.

“Business Edge aims to provide comprehensive training in all the latest refrigerants,” declared the training director at Business Edge, Kelvin Kelly. “With its high energy efficiency and low Global Warming Potential of 675, R32 is fast becoming a preferred next generation refrigerant; and so we were keen to purchase these 10 Daikin systems and invest in the training rigs to ensure our delegates gain the competence and confidence to deal with R32 out in the field.”

Mr Kelly continued, saying “The R32 training facilities provide installers with the opportunity to work in controlled conditions through every stage of an installation; from running cable and pipework, pressure, strength and tightness testing pipework using inert gas, through to commissioning and leak checking the system before finally recovering all the refrigerant from the system.”

Graham Wright, Legislation Specialist at Daikin UK supported this point, saying: “Although R32 is only now starting to be used in large quantities, it is readily available from distributors, along with R32 reclaim cylinders.

As part of its ongoing effort to encourage the renewable heating sector to move toward more environmentally friendly, low carbon refrigerants, Daikin UK is happy to work with training providers to make sure installers have the correct qualifications and importantly, confidence when approaching R32 installations. By utilising Daikin’s industry-leading training materials and proactive approach to legislation changes, Business Edge is the first company in the UK to provide practical hands-on R32 training sessions and certifications.”

In addition to on-site practical training, a classroom-based theoretical session provides engineers with vital safety knowledge specific to R32 installations, such as the required level of ventilation and the monitoring of potential flammable limits needed throughout the installation process.