DANFOSS steps up its campaign against counterfeiters

CHINADanfoss has intensified its anti-counterfeiting activities after a survey conducted last year revealed that a large number (7%) of MANEUROP brand compressors in China were counterfeit.
Since the magnitude of the problem of counterfeiting and its impact on its activity was revealed in last year’s survey, Danfoss has made every effort possible to engage distributors, OEM partners, project contractors, installers and end users via its anti-counterfeiting advertising.

Danfoss’ intellectual property rights department has been working to defend the rights and interests of the company and is said to have struck heavy blows against counterfeiting and violations of itellectual rights. In July 2012, Danfoss succeeded in closing a Beijing workshop which had been refurbishing compressors and falsely selling them as new DANFOSS MANEUROP compressors. A large quantity of counterfeit compressor products has been seized.
Recently, several bogus counterfeit MANEUROP compressor web sites, masquerading as official sites, were discovered and shut down.

Danfoss China is also working to ensure that the compressors scrapped in its own factory in Wuqing do not become a source for falsely refurbished compressors. After disassembly, all the main parts are crushed to destroy their integrity, their appearance and functions to avoid any possibility that they might be used by counterfeiters.

Since the beginning of last year, Danfoss has held a series of more than 30 commercial refrigeration roadshow seminars in cities throughout China, including BEIJING, YANTAI, BINZHOU, SHANGHAI, WENZHOU, NANNING, URUMQI and CHENGDU. In addition to serving as an introduction to products and technologies for the refrigeration market, the seminars will also address the issue of intellectual property rights and shares warnings on the risks of counterfeit compressors in terms of security, efficiency and performance.

This year, Danfoss has actively led the fight against counterfeiting and a special anti-counterfeiting page entitled “Distinguishing between genuine Danfoss Compressors and counterfeit compressors” has been added to the company’s Chinese language website.
In the coming months, Danfoss is set to launch an anti-counterfeiting advertising campaign, using the web and social media to raise consumer awareness on how to tell the difference between the authentic and reconstructed compressors and also warning of the dangers involved in using reconstructed compressors.