Guide to Chinese refrigeration market published

CHINA – A new guidebook providing information on the 201 natural refrigerant businesses headquartered in China and entitled “GUIDE+ Directory of Natural Refrigerants Businesses in China 2015” has recently been published. The guidebook is published by the Belgium-based market development company for climate friendly technologies, shecco. The guide aims to deliver an in-depth exploration of the companies that make up the Chinese natural refrigerant market and is the latest addition to shecco’s series of business intelligence publications supporting a more profitable uptake of natural refrigerant technology in the HVAC&R sector.

The Directory has been designed to provide all the information necessary to help interested parties expand their business in China or enter into partnership with the Chinese HVAC&R industry. The listing supplies such vital information as company names (both in English and Chinese), the type of company and areas of activity as well as the natural refrigerants used by the various companies and their contact details.

In addition to profiling the natural refrigerant companies headquartered in China, the GUIDE+ Directory China also presents a Business Heat Map showing which provinces are most proficient for companies providing natural refrigerant-based solutions. Thorough analysis of the report shows that it is mostly coastal provinces which have high concentrations of natural refrigerant businesses, as over 75% of such companies are based in these provinces. On the other hand, it is equally clear that, for the moment, northern and western provinces in China do not have an obvious base for natural refrigerant businesses. The heat map proves that most companies are based in the provinces of Guangdong, Shandong, Shanghai as well as Beijing. Even in these areas the type of company is far from uniform as Beijing hosts mostly engineering and contracting businesses, Guangdong and Shandong are both home to a large percentage of Chinese system manufacturers while Shanghai is the hub for international companies promoting natural refrigerants.

A sister publication to the GUIDE+ Directory China, the GUIDE to Natural Refrigerants in China – State of the Industry 2015 was also released by shecco earlier this year and is a free publication providing a comprehensive introduction and understanding of the vibrant Chinese natural refrigerants market.