Air Humidity Control for more comfort at the office

Torre Realia has become the new financial district of Barcelona. The buildings in this district are designed as sculptures, with organic and flexible forms born from the imagination of the architect Toyo Ito, in collaboration with Fermin Vazquez.

The Torre Realia building consists of 24 floors for office use. The construction was completed in May 2009, after three years of work. It has a total area of about 45,420 square meters and a height of 110 meters. In order to ensure an optimal working environment within the office and provide the best possible conditions for staff, Carel has requested the installation of a specific humidification system for the building.

Given the characteristics and size of the building and also to meet the constraints of energy saving, the use of materials which use gas has been suggested. This fuel is already used in the building for other applications. The building has six units installed by gaSteam. The price gap between gas and electricity is what makes gaSteam the best option for these types of facilities where steam is indispensable in daily life and for many hours in the building. This installation option achieves energy savings estimated at thousands of dollars each year.

The system of ventilation and air conditioning starts just before the complex is opened. It turns off at the end of the work day to reduce waste when the offices are closed. Units installed by gaSteam use a demineralised water supply, which reduces the maintenance of the units and limits costs.

The design of the system is managed in collaboration between Carel Iberica and Cofely, a Barcelona design firm working throughout Spain and abroad. This company is very familiar with Carel products. It has worked with the company for some time, and now it is interested in the potential of gaSteam. The client is looking very satisfied with the service provided by Carel and the operation of the units.