Bitzer UK launch training programme

UK – Bitzer UK have launched a new programme of training courses for its clients, and the MD of Bitzer UK, Kevin Glass, seized the opportunity to pay tribute to the ingenuity and vision of the UK industry and its customers, which he believes is making an important contribution to the international effort to develop safer, more environmentally acceptable systems. In Mr Glass’ opinion, it is the innovative approach of UK contractors, designers and end users that is helping to push forward the boundaries of refrigeration globally.
Mr Glass opened his speech by declaring “The UK is known to be pretty technically advanced, driven in part by the leading end users. But it is not often appreciated how big an impact this has on the wider global refrigeration scene.
“Bitzer as a group has a worldwide perspective, and Britain is known for its willingness to challenge accepted ways of doing things, which puts our industry at the forefront of many exciting new approaches, particularly in relation to environmental issues.”
Mr Glass was firmly of the belief that end users’ focus on reducing running costs and improving environmental credentials was a key driver in the industry.
“Almost every day, we are involved in conversations about new ways to solve problems. With such a large product range and extensive application knowledge, we are often able to develop novel solutions to meet unusual, specific or challenging requirements.” he commented.
The rolling-out of this new training programme reflects Bitzer’s increased investment and commitment in the UK, which is designed to further enhance support for customers and accelerate business growth.
To complement the appointment of a dedicated technical and training manger, Bitzer is also in the process of expanding Green Point, its compressor remanufacturing operation, which now offers an increased service covering compressors made by Bock, Carrier, Copeland, and Trane.
It is not just in the UK that the new training scheme is being rolled out, Bitzer Germany is due to open its new global training centre at Rottenberg at the beginning of 2016. This global training centre is to be known as The Schaufler Academy and will offer hands-on and theoretical training and provide UK engineers with an opportunity to complete courses in CO2 refrigeration.
Mr Glass also availed of the opportunity to touch on some legislative issues, believing that the implications of the revised F-Gas Regulation will be felt across the industry for years to come, stating “There are two distinct approaches evident in the industry to the latest F-Gas changes. People are either choosing to ignore them for the present and continuing to use R404A for all applications. Or they are putting in place plans to exit R404A, and replace it with a lower GWP, natural, or HFO alternative.”
He expounded on this point by adding: “The truth is, there is no silver bullet for all applications. But one thing is certain: in the low GWP future ahead, the industry will have to learn to manage such things as flammability, toxicity and temperature glide.”
Bitzer claims it has been working for some time to cope with what might be termed a worst-case scenario. The fruit of this advanced planning is a range of options that Bitzer hope will cater for all eventualities, including solutions based on natural refrigerants such ammonia, CO2 and hydrocarbons, as well as low GWP alternatives using HFO and other refrigerants.
“The focus has been on ensuring not just compatibility and reliability, but – crucially – efficiency. This has been a herculean effort in terms of R&D activity, and required substantial investment. The result is that, no matter which direction the industry takes in the future, people can be confident that our ranges of alternatives are proven and available.” continued Mr Glass.
The company has already planned a number of important technical developments for the coming year, including additions to its screw compressor range, where it sees great potential for growth, with larger capacity models being added to the line-up. Other new developments to be unveiled will be new compressor technologies for the transport field, as well as advances in intelligent control and monitoring from Lodam electronics.
Mr Glass concluded by stating “The UK is a key market for Bitzer, which is why we have put in place new distribution arrangements and continue to invest in training to support our suppliers and growing customer base. In terms of innovation, as mentioned, the UK is technically exciting and creative, with new ideas and approaches being developed that have potential for global application.
“We believe the UK will always generate new ideas and push boundaries, and – as we have done for many decades already – Bitzer UK will be here to support the pioneers helping to shape the industry’s future.”