Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Q-ton has been approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS). Products with this approval are recognized in accordance with the requirements of the water supply (water connection) according to the rules and the 1999 amendments.  The certificate issued by WRAS states that the product is examined, tested and monitored during the installation. It has complied with the UK requirements in terms of water supply and water connections and the bylaws management of the Scottish water.  The certificate is a proof of approval approved by WRAS. Confirmation of this approval must be obtained from the WRAS directory. The product will therefore be included in the list of materials water connections until December 31, 2018.

WRAS aims

WRAS aims to promote water regulations awareness across the UK. It encourages the uniformed interpretation and application to prevent waste, overuse, abuse, tampering measurement and contamination of water.
This plan provides a consultancy service to water dispensers and any person or organization working under the principles of water regulations. Its focus is on consulting the water supply industry in the UK. This consultation is conducted in partnership with government, business and other organizations and manufacturers of accessories and materials of water supply and connection. The development of test criteria for materials and accessories used in water supply is also part of the objectives of WRAS. These tests are indispensable for the assessment of conformity to specifications regulators certified equipment.

WRAS evaluate the tests results of materials and accessories in order to determine compliance and to publish the updated list of approved equipment in the WRAS directory.
WRAS is responsible for the administration of water dispensers to measure their system to be listed contractors comply with water regulations.
The WRAS participates in the representation of the industries of water in the United Kingdom. It should ensure the implementation of water fittings and plumbing systems at the national and international standard.