Arkas adds Carrier PrimeLINE Refrigeration units

USA – As part of their commitment to helping the environment, Turkish shipping line Arkas Shipping and Transport S.A. have recently acquired 1,800 40-foot containers equipped with the Carrier Transicold PrimeLINE® unit, a refrigeration system specializing in energy efficiency. The company hopes that the addition of these new Carrier Transicold containers will help to improve their global transport and shipping temperature control.
Arkas Shipping and Transport is a business unit of Arkas Holding Company and the company reaffirmed their strong environmental commitment with its recent acquisition, which doubled the size of its refrigerated container fleet. Friksos S. Rothman, Reefer Container Technical Services assistant manager, stated that Arkas Holding’s Ardep Customs and Warehousing S.A. Arkas Line provides regular container shipping from ports in the Black Sea to the Mediterranean and has a fleet of 27 container vessels.
“Arkas contributes to the protection of the environment by making well-directed choices. From that perspective, Carrier’s PrimeLINE was our only choice – a better-performing unit that results in lower emissions related to shipboard power generation,” Rothman continued.
The PrimeLINE unit is exceptionally efficient, in part due to its efficient digital scroll compressor, and this efficiency enables Arkas to fit more reefer containers onto fleet vessels and in terminals without the need for infrastructure upgrades, according to Rothman.
“We are pleased that Arkas has been able to further enhance its environmental profile through the acquisition of these PrimeLINE units, which are expected to save enough energy over their operating lifetime to eliminate more than 62,000 tons of carbon emissions relative to industry average,” declared David Appel, Carrier Transicold president. “That’s equivalent to removing nearly 900 cars from the road over the same period.”
Rothman said that there were many factors which contributed to Arkas’ decision to invest in the containers, with the environmental and operational benefits of reduced power consumption being the primary reasons, while other key factors were the PrimeLINE unit’s exceptional pulldown and ability to dehumidify down to 50 percent.
“The PrimeLINE unit represents a continuation of Carrier Transicold’s commitment to incorporating sustainability into its product portfolio, giving customers such as Arkas, opportunities to increase quality while lowering carbon emissions and operating costs,” concluded John Mandyck, chief sustainability officer for UTC Climate, Controls & Security Systems.
The PrimeLINE unit uses R-134a, the non-ozone depleting refrigerant with the lowest global warming potential of all contemporary container refrigerants and the unit is noted for its unparalleled pulldown and deep-frozen capability as well as boasting an impressive dehumidification capability.