Good growth of 6% for the air conditioning industry in 2013

For the year 2013, global sales of air conditioners have experienced a significant increase of 6% ​​compared to 2012. In figures, 2013 saw worldwide sales of $91.6 billion compared to $86.8 billion in 2012. However, although these figures reflect a recovery in the global economy of the air conditioning, different continents have experienced varying fortunes.

The American continent is, once again, where the best sales of air conditioners have been, a turnover of $ 51.7 billion. It represents more than 55 % of the world business. In value terms, this growth exceeds 8% and is the highest. The Asian continent grew by 8%, far ahead of Europe (2 %), the Middle East, India and Africa (2%).

In the USA, growth recorded was 6 % with almost $ 13 billion in sales. This score is justified in part by adjustments to the state budget. Brazil and Argentina also experienced significant increases. It seems that the fever of sporting events in 2014 (World Cup) and 2016 (Olympic Games) have been important without counting on the transition from R22 to R410A.

In Europe, the picture is less flattering though staying positive. Among the seven largest countries in Europe, which represents 70% of the continental market, Italy and Spain are the only ones whose numbers have declined.

Other continents have them underwent numerous socio- political instability (Arab Spring, war in Syria, Nigeria …). However, they recorded a 2% growth despite this difficult environment.