If we already know Toshiba for its air conditioners and other ventilation devices for their efficiency, we barely see them in the medical sector. Toshiba has indeed lend its cooling technology to the medicine field to get a concentrate of innovations: a mobile MRI scanner with its own cooling system developed by Toshiba Medical System.

An equipment as we’ve never seen before on both medically and in the area of ​​cooling developed through numerous human resources and technologies that have been deployed for the launch of this project. Several companies have indeed been asked to make this scanner a reality.

Just Air Conditioning Ltd (Toshiba AMP), was indeed the provider of vital cooling system of the device. The collaboration has also been extended to WH Bence Coachworks, which is responsible for the design of the device. Work that has been done in 3D modelisation leveraging the expertise of the company.

This cooperation is only a start. It is expected that Just Air Conditioning Ltd are working with WH Bence Coachworks on mammography scanners, to Irish and English hospitals.

Toshiba MRI scanner features

The capabilities of the MRI scanner are up to the expertise of the companies involved in its construction. Exam rooms with mostly a strong magnetic field, the cooling system cannot be placed in the same room. According to Wyane Raven in charge of the project with regard to Just Air Conditioning Ltd, to meet this challenge, it was designed a centralized system using radio frequency ducts to distribute the air temperature to fit the need for the equipments or patients.

In order to less clutter the room and also allow patients to feel comfortable, 3D technology has been requested. The MRI scanner was modeled so that each millimeter of space is better used. Patient comfort and air conditioning need being important, the scanner is equipped with lighting systems for a variety of colors and moods.