Emerson release updated Select software

GERMANY – Emerson Climate Technologies Europe is releasing a new and updated Version 7.11 of its selection Software. One of the most major changes from the previous version of the software sees the addition of new refrigerants R450A, R448A, R449A, and R513A to the compressors and condensing units list of approved refrigerants.

In addition to this important update, a new generation of the Summit series of scroll compressors has now been made available. The new range comprises the ZB*K5 compressor for medium temperature applications and ZF*K5 compressor for low temperature applications which operate by means of vapor or liquid injection.

The new software also features the extension of the operating envelopes for the semi-hermetic compressor range for several refrigerants, which results in higher condensing limits. This latest version of the Select software also includes new features such as mid-point and dew point calculation.