Carrier to unveil new engineless technology

GERMANY – Carrier Transicold have announced that they are set to unveil a new generation of engineless transport refrigeration technology at the IAA Show in Hanover this week. The trade show, which is set to run from the 22nd to the 29th of September, will offer visitors the opportunity to see Carrier’s latest technology which has been developed following the group’s acquisition of TRS Transportkoeling b.v. (TRS) in January 2016.


The acquisition of TRS means that Carrier are now in a position to offer fleets refrigeration units running entirely on hydro-electric power right across Europe. Carrier claim that the hydro-electric power is generated via their truck’s ultra-clean Euro 6 engine which should help reduce emissions and maintenance costs while also improving fuel efficiency. Carrier further claim that their new trucks are suitable for night-time deliveries in urban areas due to their TRS technology which is capable of operating below 60 decibels and fully PIEK certified.

Commenting on their decision to unveil the technology at the IAA show, Victor Calvo, the managing director for Carrier Transicold Truck & Trailer, EMEAR, declared that “The IAA Show represents the perfect opportunity to introduce both existing and prospective customers to the many benefits afforded by the new TRS technology, which now carries the Carrier Transicold brand and is supported by our service network.”

Mr Calvo outlined the company’s hopes for the technology, saying “These units add a new dimension to our range of products and directly support our goal of helping fleet operators meet their efficiency and sustainability goals, and achieve a sustainable cold chain.”

The new technology sees a TRS Eco-Drive GenSet unit, which is driven by a hydro pump connected to the truck’s power take-off (PTO) motor, mounted onto a commercial vehicle. The hydraulic system is therefore used to drive a generator which in turn delivers electrical power to the host Carrier Transicold unit, without the refrigeration unit needing to use its own diesel engine.

A control unit has also been integrated within the hydraulic system to help ensure that the generator consistently runs at the same number of revolutions. Running at a regular number of revolutions means that the generator maintains constant power, even when the truck is idling in heavy traffic, which removes any need for the driver to rev the truck’s engine to provide sufficient cooling power.

Carrier claim that their Eco-Drive GenSets require little maintenance and are very quiet in operation and can also be fitted to most makes and models of tractor units and rigid trucks, thereby giving them wide possible customer appeal.

Carrier’s acquisition of TRS has given the American-based group full access to the former TRS range of transport refrigeration units, which they have used to complement their existing range of systems. The TRS systems have previously been notable for including powerful Twin-Cool multi-temperature refrigeration unit for rigid trucks, which are capable of generating a power output of 18,400 watts to give it the equivalent power capacity of a high-output trailer unit.