EBM Papst – the manufacturer of ventilation equipment ventilation and engines for industrial applications has developed new fan modules.

These new technologies are EC, DC and AC ventilation equipment which are characterised by their easy installation and quiet character.

The new compact ventilation modules developed by EBM Papst are born of technological innovation. An inlet cone and a connection have been added to these new elements. The new fan modules are composed of a complete unit called “Plug and Play”.

Innovative EBM Papst fans are designed for practical use. All the connection elements of these devices are in fact provided by the manufacturer in a way that allows the user to easily install and use them. There is no need to be an expert to be able to turn them on. The manufacturer has also taken care to set the centring of the inlet cone away from the turbine. This pre-planning guarantees perfect operation of the unit on the ventilation plan and the acoustic side.

The AC fan type meanwhile enjoys a particular characteristic. The manufacturer has wired the capacitor in advance and installed an integrated connector as a security measure to prevent operating errors. Users can in this way turn it on quickly.

EBM Papst´s new ventilation modules can be used on various industrial applications. These accessories can be installed in refrigerated cases, individual ventilation, cooling or electrical cabinets. They are available in several sizes to suit all applications. Variants are 175, 190, 200 and 225 mm.

EBM Papst is a specialist manufacturer in the field of ventilation and industrial applications motors. They works in the field of heating technology, refrigeration, ventilation and air conditioning, telecommunications, training technologies, railway, automotive and domestic appliances.