Siemens extends its Desigo range

GERMANY – Siemens has announced the arrival of a new regulatory DX controller in its range: the DXR2. The company claims that the new, compact controller is especially easy to configure in HVAC and electrical applications.
This new unit would automate heating, ventilation and air conditioning of a room so energy efficient, all without compromising comfort. It is also possible to supplement with additional PLC modules to control lighting. The communication of the controller with the system is done through BACnet, whereas switches and sensors for lighting control are connected with KNX. According SIEMENS, tool, ABT website can easily configure the system depending on the implementation. A well configured DXR2 could be easily deployed to multiple parts.
Siemens claim that this product has been developed with great care focused on energy efficiency, and is in line with the EN15232 standard as. It could also be compatible with the heating and cooling applications by the ceiling, which are all listed and accessible.
As part of the range Desigo Total Room Automation (TRA), the Desigo DXR2 is compatible with energy efficiency standards such as TRA AirOptiControl, which optimizes the air volume and improves the energy performance of climatisatione and ventilation systems and RoomOptiControl, which detects concommations unnecessary energy in the room, and promotes energy conservation.