EcoCOMPACT is the new range of boilers from Vaillant. The ecoCOMPACT range comprises condensing gas boilers with integrated ball (90 or 150 litres), 20, 25 or 30 kW. They are described as the ideal compact solution for heating and domestic hot water, and what is more, they are very economical. The range consists of several models that differ by the type of ball as it is in coils or stratification or even as the volume of water it can hold.

In addition, the variety of models can fit a wide range of users and requirements. The highlight of the ecoCOMPACT range is that auxiliary accessories can improve the rendering of the range and its economic and energy aspects. The range is also equipped with a convenient user interface.

ecoCOMPACT can easily be fitted with devices that fit into the unit. Among them, there is a hot water expansion vessel that avoids waste of water, sanitary pump bailing kits and management areas. This new range also allows for significant savings in electricity and gas: gas through condensation, the ELGA electronic gas system, and electricity through the very effective pumps and low-power electronic card. In addition, it has the functionality to report an outage.

The last point of the attractive ecoCOMPACT range its eco-design that emphasises aesthetics. EcoCOMPACT is a real solution to the demand for heating and hot water, combining both ease of use and cost savings.