DSI improve horizontal freezing plate

DENMARK – DSI, a leading Danish company in designing and manufacturing manually-operated and automatic plate freezers for use in onshore and marine installations, has designed a new horizontal freezing plate that they claim needs 25 to 50 % less refrigerants without an increase in freezing time for use with its H-freezers.

DSI claim that their new horizontal freezing plate will make it easier for its customers to comply with regulatory rules. The new plate was developed as the result of increasing demands from customers and their need to reduce the volume of refrigerants. DSI have now produced more than eight installations made with this reduced refrigerant volume and state that there has been no changes in freezing times with the new plates.

The new plate has been designed to take into account the strict regulations on the amount of refrigerants stored in tanks for their refrigeration units that onshore processing industries have to respect. The company claim that their new type of freezing plate offers the same quality and freezing time as all other plate freezers but at the same time reduces the volume of refrigerants used.