FRANCE: Climalife has launched a new smart mobile application, which will henceforth help users and providers with their computation and logistics problems due to the newest F-GAZ regulation.

One of the big changes brought to this industry is the based on equivalents of CO2 gas seals tests’ requirements system instead of measures in Kg or tons.

F-Gas Solutions is a Climalife mobile application including a calculator capable to tell you exactly how many of GWP refrigerants are used by the installation. With the refrigerant charges brought in Kg, it is possible to convert them to their equivalents in tons of CO2.

By choosing this application, you may know which refrigerants are allowed and those that are not with their upcoming regulations.

Climalife approves F-GAS module solutions that offers professional information on the range of refrigerants on the market and recommended by Climalife on F-Gas regulations for new facilities and existing ones solutions.

Engineers and end users will find solutions to meet their needs, regardless of the type of demands (air conditioning, heat pumps, internal cooling, refrigeration, transportation / automotive, non-commercial refrigeration) or the chosen material (only broken, closed systems, centralized systems etc.), whether new or existing.

All refrigerants commonly used with ASHRAE number are included. New products and mixtures under development will be added as they come on the market.

F-GAS APPLICATION solutions will soon be available on Google Play and the Apple Store for iPhone and iPad in English, French, Dutch and German.