Carrier launch new WiFi connected thermostat

USA – Carrier have announced the launch of their new Carrier Connect Wi-Fi thermostat for commercial buildings, which has been designed with the aim of increasing the energy-efficiency of commercial buildings as well as reducing the work load of commercial building operators. Carrier claim that their new, sleek touch-screen thermostat will allow users to control their building’s heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system from anywhere in the world. Whether the user is inside the building or on the other side of the globe, the thermostat can be activated via smartphone, tablet or computer.

Carrier further claim that their Connect thermostat is easy to install and cloud-based, rendering it both accessible and affordable to prospective customers. Other important features of the thermostat are its tool-free installation which include automatic connectivity to the building’s Wi-Fi network, while the touchscreen interface has been designed to allow users to manage their settings locally. The thermostat also comes equipped with remote connectivity via Carrier’s Connect mobile app or online web portal. The remote connectivity guarantees automatic, secure log-in to the cloud with no additional monthly service fees. The company also claim that the thermostat will benefit from over-the-air software updates, which should help ensure that the device will have the latest comfort technology, while also delivering automatic service and maintenance alerts to end users via SMS text and e-mail.

The Carrier Connect thermostat includes many energy-efficient features for keeping occupants comfortable, while also allowing building owners to better manage their building’s energy usage. Features include:

  • Support for up to four heating and three cooling stages, making it compatible with most commercial HVAC systems;
  • Flexible, 7-day scheduling via the Connect app or web portal;
  • Fan and humidity control for enhanced occupant comfort;
  • Support for remote temperature sensors, allowing control of heating and cooling based on the average temperature in the building versus the temperature in the thermostat location only;
  • Demand response ready, allowing it to receive and respond to energy-saving signals from local utility providers.

Speaking at the launch of the product, Mark Jones, the business manager for Carrier Controls, revealed that he had high expectations for the thermostat, saying “We are excited to add the Connect thermostat to our existing portfolio of commercial products. The new Carrier Connect thermostat provides building owners with an innovative and affordable option for controlling the HVAC system in their buildings. With its easy installation, flexible features and convenient remote access, they can now operate their facilities more efficiently from anywhere, at any time.”