Carrier launch low-capacity furnace

USA – Carrier unveiled their latest low-capacity furnace earlier today, which the company claims has been designed especially for low energy homes and multi-unit settings.

At today’s launch of the new low-capacity furnace, Carrier stated that the furnace had been conceived in an attempt to deliver the right amount of heat for smaller areas that have been, up until now, traditionally served by oversized units. The new low-capacity furnace is capable of delivering 26,000 BTU/hour of heating and the company suggests that this level of heat provides the ideal solution for multi-unit dwellings as well as for homes that have been designed to consume very low amounts of energy.

Launching the new furnace, Matthew Pine, the vice president of marketing for Carrier residential HVAC, declared “Carrier has long been providing a wide range of heating and cooling solutions to meet the unique needs of countless different home styles and settings.”

Mr Pine underlined that the furnace was in line with company policy aimed at meeting the specific needs of its customers, saying “Our decision to develop and manufacture a unit with this capability is evidence of our ongoing commitment to meet the needs of as many customers as possible. We are extremely excited about what this furnace will provide in convenience and cost savings.”

Carrier hope that the launch of this low-capacity furnace will contribute to further establishing the company as one of the market leaders in providing intelligent home comfort solutions.