Carrier land contract for China’s tallest building

CHINA – Carrier have announced that they have recently been awarded a contract to supply 24 Carrier AquaEdge centrifugal chillers to Tianjin Goldin Finance 117, China’s tallest building. The contract stipulates that Carrier are now responsible for delivering year-round comfort and energy savings in the luxury high-rise building via 24 of the company’s AquaEdge chillers, 13 of which are 19XR two-stage centrifugal chillers, which will provide a combined cooling capacity of up to 20,000 tonnes.


The Goldin Finance 117 building, which is located in the coastal city of Tianjin, extends to a height of 597 metres and consists of 117 floors and 830,000 square metres of floor space. The upper portion is set to house a six-star luxury hotel while the lower portion is slated to feature Class A office space.

Commenting on the new contract, George Li, the vice president of UTC Climate, Control & Security China, said that “Air conditioning makes up to 40 percent of a building’s energy consumption. Developers are facing challenges to balance between a building’s energy saving and indoor comfort especially as they increase in height and size. With our leading technologies, Carrier can help achieve energy saving goals.”


Since the invention of the centrifugal chiller in 1921, centrifugal technology has long been a focus of Carrier’s product innovation. The company claim that the 13 new 19XR two-stage centrifugal chillers will use modern two-stage compressors and heat transfer pipes with three-dimensional enhancement and are expected to deliver a coefficient of performance of up to 6.5 under Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute operating conditions.