The range of BitzerEcoline piston compressors has been updated to be ​​more efficient than previous models. This new versatile range has several technical features. It represents greater energy efficiency, cooling capacity has been improved and it can adapt to a wider application.

The new series of BitzerEcoline was presented for the first time at the Mostra ConvegnoExpocomfort in Milan. Bitzer used the event to unveil its new range of reciprocating compressors – BitzerEcoline. This equipment can be used in a multitude of applications. In addition to the old model of refrigerant R134a, other models are now available such as R404A, R407A, R407C, R507A and R407F.

This new series takes advantage of the new identical technology used for R134a, developed by the manufacturer. This new range also enables customers to receive significant added value.

The new range of BitzerEcoline offers many benefits regarding the product´s performance and efficiency. This new instant compressor has a more efficient cooling capacity with an improvement of around 5 to 6% in medium temperature applications. The compressors can provide a more impressive performance with low temperature applications.

Bitzer’s engineers have also developed a technique to increase the coefficient of performance of this new series of compressors. They may develop a 12% increased performance than their predecessors for low temperature condensation. The compressors have been specially designed to suit various applications. Some models can cope with a temperature of 60 ° C and an evaporation temperature of 0 ° C.

The new Ecoline range has a particular characteristic. The speed control is improved by the frequency inverter – an innovative technology in terms of efficiency. Apart from this feature, all 4 and 6 cylinder models can be fitted with the head of the cylinder deactivation which in turn delivers a very cost effective form of control capacity. These features allow BITZER to meet the growing demand for energy consumption, while providing customers with a wide range of practical and efficient compressors.