Alfa Laval launch semi-welded heat exchanger

WORLD – Alfa Laval unveiled their new TK20 semi-welded gasketed plate heat exchanger at the Chillventa exhibition 2014. The TK20 has been designed for optimal performance and reliability for heating and cooling of aggressive media.
The TK20 has been developed for use in all applications which demand high efficiency, such as evaporators, condensers, desuperheaters, cascade duties and economizers/subcoolers. The heat exchanger works best using natural refrigerants, NH3 and CO2, at low and high pressures, while the new plate design makes it suitable for flooded evaporation duties.

Other new features of the heat exchanger include its gasket groove design, which provides greater gasket support and reduces gasket contact, and a patented distribution zone which ensures more energy efficiency per m2 of the plate surface. Another design feature is its mounting method that attaches the gasket securely, gripping both sides of the plate, thereby helping to ensure that the plate stays in place when opening.

Alfa Laval also claims that the TK20’s compact design makes it easier to open for inspection and cleaning, which in theory renders servicing the heat exchanger easier too. The heat transfer area can be modified according to the user’s application and needs via the flexible configuration of the TK20. The company hopes that the welded channels with minimum gasket contact will also result in a robust leakage-proof unit.