ACR ancillary product of the year

UK – It was announced on Thursday that Geyser Thermal Energy LTD were the winners of the Ancillary Product of the year award at the National ACR awards in Birmingham. The company lifted the award for their geyser thermal heat recovery unit.

The jury revealed that the Geyser heat recovery unit uses energy from AC and refrigeration systems that is usually discharged to atmosphere to provide free hot water and at the same time reduces energy consumption by the AC/refrigeration equipment.

The heat recovery unit is designed for use anywhere where there is a constant cooling load and a hot water demand,  ranging from anything such as walk in chillers/freezer up to large commercial chillers. The manufacturers claimed that the ideal customers for the product are all food and drink manufacturers, hotels, hospitals and leisure centres.

Javac R32 were highly recommended for their R1234ze/yf service tools while Chillair for their Ice Cold product and Space Air for their range of 500 bespoke components also qualified as finalists in the category.