BBC Observatory publishes Effinergie guidebook

FRANCE – The Bepos Effinergie 2013 label in  continues to thrive in 2015. A total of 87 transactions, involving more than 1000 collective housing, individual housing 142 and 290 200 m² of tertiary, have applied for the Bepos Effinergie 2013 certification. In commercial and retail property the most common types of buildings to be certified are mainly office buildings (61% of cases) or education (28% of cases).

Meanwhile, more than 24 000 homes and 775,000 m² of commercial property are concerned by the Effinergie + label, with the collective housing sector representing 82% of housing in Effinergie + certification. In the last quarter, two new operations have been certified Effinergie + Tertiary: the school group Les Charmilles in Mandres-les-Roses and Campus Eiffage in Velizy Villacoublay.
Renovations on close to 15 000 dwellings were recorded in 2015 with more than 90,000 the number of units involved in the BBC-label Effinergie renovation. Once again in the commercial sector, 302 operations, representing over 2.67 million square metres, are subject to a certification request,  over a third of which were filed in 2015.