IIAR begins work on CO2 standard

USA – The International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) released a statement today announcing that it has begun working on a new standard for carbon dioxide applications.


Bob Czarnecki, chairman of the IIAR standards committee and retired head of refrigeration engineering for Campbell Soup Co., speaking at an educational programme on the newly revised IIAR-2 standard held alongside the IIAR Industrial Refrigeration Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, Florida, revealed that work on the CO2 standard, called IIAR C2, “is just getting underway.” Czarnecki added that the new standard would not be ready in the immediate future, saying “It’s a couple of years out.”
The IIAR were given the approval to work on the standard by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and are also addressing two other new standards, IIAR-6 and IIAR-9. The IIAR-6 standard is set to cover inspections, testing and maintenance and is expected to be out for public review in May 2016, according to Czarnecki.
Meanwhile, the IIAR-9 standard will encompass RAGAGEP (recognised and generally accepted good engineering practices) and “what part of new and revised standards do existing facilities have to comply with,” said Czarnecki. Mr Czarnecki also stated that IIAR-9 was about 18 months away from completion, saying “A draft is waiting for standards committee review in June.”