Australia gears up for energy efficiency seminar

AUSTRALIA – The “HVACR Energy Efficiency Seminar 2016”, as organised by the Australian Refrigeration Association (ARA), is due to begin tomorrow (Tuesday 5th of April) in the Australian Technology Park in Sydney and will conclude on the 6th of April.  The event is designed to offer all HVACR stakeholders an intensive two day programme highlighting the transition of the Australian HVACR industry to energy efficiency and emissions reduction.
The seminar will seek to address key issues facing the Australian HVACR industry and provides delegates with an opportunity to apply due diligence and gain accurate information in areas such as exploring emerging HVACR energy efficient technologies and solutions, as well as identifying and appreciating energy efficiency and GHG emissions reduction.


Keynote speakers will also touch upon the importance of quantifying and recognising the value of integrated energy efficient engineering and also the necessity of recognising the regulatory requirements to shift to low GWP refrigerants. The organisers have also stated that the seminar will highlight concerns about safety, risk and education – particularly the handling and implementing low GWP natural refrigerants.