BEIJER REF strengthens its position with an acquisition in Germany

The Swedish refrigeration group BEIJER REF has acquired the assets of GRÜN Wholesale, which operates in the German refrigeration market. GRÜN was founded in 2009 and has since established a stable operation with sales figures of around 25 million SEK.

“Germany continues to be a very attractive growth market, in which Beijer Ref is gradually developing a stronger position” according to Per Bertland CEO of BEIJER REF. “Grün will be a valuable asset in the German market due to its excellent location in Stuttgart, and this is a transaction that will be good for BEIJER REF´s profile as the company offers both wholesale refrigeration and comfort cooling solutions“.

The Grün Group operates in several cities such as Düsseldorf, Nuremberg, Munich, Leipzig and Stuttgart. Sales in the German market are increasing rapidly and the acquisition is consistent with BEIJER REF´s growth strategy in Germany. The integration of Grün with BEIJER REF should provide a better market position and enhance cost synergies through coordination with the currently operating BEIJER Germany.

This acquisition has had a slightly positive effect on BEIJER REF results. Grün will be integrated into Beijer Ref from October 2014.