Crowley Carbon Announces Cool Planet Experience

Crowley Carbon has announced the launch of the “Cool Planet Experience” – a state-of-the-art climate change exhibition that will include interactive games and multi-sensory experiences.

The Cool Planet Experience is planned to be situated in the Powerscourt Centre in County Wicklow and will be Ireland´s first interactive exhibition space to actively engage the public on climate change. Due to open in the summer of 2016, the Cool Planet Experience is a joint venture between Crowley Carbon, several like-minded companies and the Powerscourt Estate.

The Powerscourt Estate already attracts 500,000 visitors each year to its grounds due to its expansive gardens, golf courses and historic house – originally a thirteenth century castle. The aim of the Cool Planet Experience is to teach the public about the serious risks surrounding climate change and the urgency with which they need to be rectified.

Crowley Carbon and its partners also intend to demonstrate to the public that sustainability is not just something to aspire to, but something that can be achieved with minor changes in everyday life. After the project´s initial opening, the exhibition will be expanded to include research and test labs and a new product development area with training facilities.

Visitors to the Centre will find plenty to do. An “immersive climate experience” is promised that includes travelling to the melting Arctic sea ice, virtually visiting a drought in Australia or experiencing the real force of Storm Frank. Explanations will be provided about how carbon and greenhouses gases are warming the Earth´s atmosphere and how innovative technologies will make sustainable living “really cool”.

Interactive attractions are planned – such as the “steak carbon footprint” exhibit – that will provide individuals with information about the link between what they eat and what is required to bring their food to their plates. Each visitor will be able to calculate their own carbon footprint and control smart city technology to find solutions for cities of the future, and will also be encouraged to contribute to the conversation about what the government can do to protect the environment for future generations.