Crowley Carbon to Feature in Cleantech for Agribusiness Workshop

Crowley Carbon will be one of five energy efficiency companies featuring in the CleanTuesday Association´s Cleantech for Agribusiness Workshop to be held in Paris next month.

Crowley Carbon – an Irish start-up company providing heating and cooling system solutions – will be presenting details of their boilers, motive power systems, chillers, air-handling systems, air compressors and lighting solutions, and demonstrating how their solutions have resulted in significant cost savings for both public and private corporations.

Along with information about their Thermal Server – a boiler four times more efficient than typical industrial boilers – Crowley Carbon will discuss their superconducting heat recovery system and their automated continuous commission software that uses artificial intelligence to diagnose energy losses in manufacturing and HVAC systems.

The workshop has been scheduled by the CleanTuesday Association at a time when the primary industry sector in France is suffering significantly from high energy costs. As the workshop is specifically related to agriculture and the food processing industries, Crowley Carbon will be joined at the workshop by four French companies providing information about solar heating, irrigation, clean energy chips and magnetic refrigeration.

The event takes place on Tuesday, October 8, 2013 from 18:30 to 21:00 at AgroParisTech, 16 Rue Claude Bernard, 75005 Paris. The evening and each of the presentations will be introduced by Eric Spinnler, Vice President of the Department for Sciences et Procédés des Aliments Bioproduits (SPAB).