Tranehas launchedfive differentcooling systemsthat are attracting industry attention;each with its owncharacteristics andofferingfeatures to meet specific needs and circumstances.

Cen TraVac Series

This model is one of the most powerful and the most amazing in its range. As you can see, it is the only one in the (E) series to benefit 1233zd (E). This technology makes it one of the quietest cooling devices, despite its high power. It may in fact increase from 20 000 kW at 14 000Kw. This very popular water cooling system in Europe is the only one to enjoy this new technology.


This hybrid machine is really interesting. It combines soft design with power ranging from 500 kW – 1500 kW. Its uniqueness is that it is based on the qualities of a standard water cooler and a regulator, the Tracer UC800 (each of these two systems was obtained from Trane). This technology can cope with changing conditions.


This model equals performance. It combines some qualities of CenTraVac and its own. It is still efficient despite the environmental conditions and can provide as much freshness as in normal conditions.
This machine can pass on power to 300 kW to 1500 kW despite its lightness. From the point of view of developments it offers the possibility of better programming.


Conquest is a mass of technology. It was designed to obtained a “smart” device. If power is only 165 kilowatts 20kW compared to Sintetis it shares, a programmable central unit which provides useful options when it comes to programming.


This water chiller has a capacity ranging from 500 kW to 1050 kW. It is designed to remain still silent. For an efficient performance, the system integrates the Tracer UC800 whose function is to maintain whatever the external conditions the performance of the device. Endurance can be proven outside and in places where it can be greatly sought.