UNITED KINGDOM- COOL-THERM Ltd, based on the Hampshire has purchased AC AIR CON Ltd, a parts specialist supplier for chillers and compressors.

COOL-THERM is known as pioneer of the cooler Turbomiser development. The new agreement allows it to become a leader in the supply of spare parts for traditional chillers and compressors.

The company will now produce key parts for coolers with Turbocor. They include compressors and electrical circuit boards as well as spare parts for all brands of chillers and compressors like FRASCOLD, DORIN, REFCOMP and GEOCLIMA.

Ken Strong, COOL-THERM general manager, said “We are delighted to acquire AC AIR CON Ltd and the additional capabilities it provides to COOL- THERM. It became one of the first companies in the world in the development and marketing of Turbocor and shapes Turbomuser efficient coolers. We now have hundreds of service coolers across the country”.

The first operational coolers have a lifespan of up to 8 years. Appraisals were developed in the care and maintenance of these high- performance machines and their performance.

The storage of spare parts will be added to the deal to allow the company to ensure the proper functioning of the offer. It should allow the servicing all brands of cooler with Turbocor on the market, besides Turbomiser and systems using conventional compressors.

COOL-THERM will also provide control gear, motor contactors, regulators, pressure transducers, fan speed controls and lubricants.

The acquisition of this new manufacturing unit is part of the COOL-THERM long- term strategic plan. It includes geographic expansion and further development in the cooling of the data centre, the control of the advanced noise and alternative cooler PRG.